Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lisa and Nick {Real Wedding}

I met Lisa about 2 years ago when she started planning her wedding. It's funny, because I actually interviewed with her for a job through Apple One. I didn't get that graphic design job, but she remembered my portfolio and contacted me when she got engaged. Ever since then, we have become good friends, and I have had so much fun designing and photographing all the events in her life. 

So we started with the design of the Save the Dates, which actually was the precurser to the invitations. 

Lisa wanted the invitation to somehow incorporate the colors, pink & brown, butterflies and also somehow include her future stepdaughter. She really liked my passport invitations, so then I came up with the idea of doing a storybook invitation, which told the love story of Lisa and Nick, and it would be told by Addison...she would be the author. So that is why the Save the Dates ended up being bookmarkers. 

Lisa also decided to order the custom address labels to match the invitations. I definitely recommend doing cute labels for your invitation's  envelopes if you decide not to use a calligrapher. It just puts a smile on your face when you get an envelope in the mail with a cute label. If you are on a budget, you could always get cute colored labels to match your invites, or even add your initials or a logo to them, so that they are a little extra special. Or of course you could always have us design them for you, and that way you don't even have to address any of your envelopes yourself :)

There was one more thing we decided to incorporate into the rest of the design of the wedding. Lisa told me that she was hiring Elvis to be at her Wedding. It was something that was special for her mom, since she was a huge Elvis fan, and they always joked that Elvis would walk her down the aisle. In fact, Lisa's full name, is Lisa Marie. So when we were trying to come up for ideas of what her favors would be, we decided it should be Teddy Grahams, and on the labels we had the line "I just wanna be your Teddy Bear"

For the rest of the designs we basically used a combination of the colors, butterflies, some Elvis influenced things, the storybook figures, and I also designed a custom monogram for Lisa to use to order other items such as custom unity candles, aisle runners etc. The monogram was also used throughout the designs so everything was unified by the logo as well as the colors.

This was an extremely custom and personal wedding. It really gave the guests an idea of what the couple's personality was like, yet doing it in a very elegant way. Check out the rest of the designs from the wedding.

And here are some pictures of the couple by Creative Vision.