Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fly Away with the Captain - Vintage Planes Themed Party

Time really flies when you're having so much fun! Seanny and I had a really great time putting together Navin's 6th birthday party.

My son has been a plane enthusiast since he was 2 years old.  He's totally obsessed with planes and has his heart set on becoming a fighter pilot when he grows up.  When he was 4 years old, we threw him a Fighter Jet themed party so this time our challenge was to come up with another "airplane" theme.  

Have no fear, Navin is also into vintage WWII airplanes, so that's just what we did. His favorite plane from that era is the P-51 Mustang.

Where do I begin? With the design of the invitations of course, but you already knew that! (If you are interested in ordering this invitation, contact us at for more information.)

We also designed matching address labels and thank you cards to go with this party.

Ideas started flowing once we had the design down. (Drum roll please...)  I present to you, our centerpiece table!

Here are the details for our treat table:
The entire table was decorated with the help of our wonderful girlfriends. We hung about eight
(15-inch) vintage planes from the ceiling and printed our own clouds backdrop. We made mini-airplanes out of tootsie rolls and gum sticks. We even made use of Navin's aircraft carrier and I made the runway. The treats on the table included home-made red velvet cupcakes, cake pops, jelly beans, chocolate bark, and lots of fun goodies found via Oriental Trading Co. We even gave out US Army lanyards, dog tag keychains, and pencils.

We also created name badges for all of the kids. We had about 26 kids at this party. All the kids were very excited to find their names on the table and proudly wore their badges. Navin was their Captain and they were his Lieutenants. As a surprise to Navin, we framed 10 of his drawings and displayed them like an art gallery. It put a smile on his face each time someone gave him a "high five" for his drawings. I bought the supplies to make the name badges at Staples. For the picture frames, I found them at the Dollar Tree store, what a steal! I highly recommend going there to look for favors and supplies.

But wait, I'm not done yet! I've got one more trick up my sleeve for our guests! I wanted to do something fun to get both kids and adults excited. Seanny and I came up with a "Pilot's License" photo prop. We made oversized licenses so that our guests could stick their head in a frame and make their own "Pilot's License". The result, our guests had a BLAST, as you can see in the photo collage below.

In conclusion, guests of all ages had one high-flying time!! As for our Captain Navin, he is one happy pilot! 

Photo taken by
Creative Vision Photography

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 ~ Justina