Friday, August 21, 2015

Design Consultations Available at The Centre in Escondido, CA

We are so happy to announce that design consultations are available by appointment at the Sweet Ribbon store, located on the 2nd floor of the The Centre (Lexus Dealership) in Escondido, CA. Contact Seanny, the designer, directly at or 951.241.0417 and she’ll be happy to help turn your visions into realty.

The Centre is located at 1205 Auto Park Way in Escondido, California. The first floor is home to Lexus Escondido and the first floor is the Award Winning restaurant Vintana, operated by the Cohn Restaurant Group.

Sweet Ribbon is a creative event design studio committed to handle everything on the creative side of your event to make your occasion truly special and unforgettable. At Sweet Ribbon, our mission is providing the Event Planner and the Bride with creative solutions for their events.

The design team is a collaboration of floral artists, textile consultants and event decor specialists who take pride in their work.

Sweet Ribbon has extensive experience creating unique events. Our list of services include:


*Invitation Parlour and Sweet Ribbon operate as two individual businesses and are not affiliated. Please contact Invitation Parlour directly for any questions about our stationery and to make appointments. 

Here were some of our designs on display at the Sweet Ribbon store.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Parisian Baby Shower

I have known Kim since High School so when she announced that she was pregnant I was so excited for her to join the mommy club. Then I was super excited to help plan the baby shower. She loves Paris and travels there every year for vacation so it was fitting that we threw her a Parisian Shower, and of course with a Paris theme you had to have a Patisserie of yummy desserts. 

With the help of our group of girls friends, we had people making cupcakes, macaroons and cake pops. The rest of the treats we were able to find at Costco. Kim is also very talented and crafty herself and made chocolate Eiffel towers and the cute baguette bags.

The Parisan baby shower invitation can be customized in a different colors and wording.  You can order them at

 Congratulations Sean and Kim, we can't wait to meet your new baby boy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Super Hero Comics Birthday Party - Aidan Turns 4!

Last September, my son, Aidan turned 4! The ages of 3 and 4 are so much fun, because now they actually have interests and likes. This year we did a super hero themed birthday, because that is what he is currently obsessed with! I wanted to make sure to have most of the characters that he loved incorporated into the party and didn't want to just pick one. So purchased cute superhero characters on etsy at Pikaboo designs & ClipArtopia and designed a comic book themed invitation.

You can purchase the invitations on our Etsy Store.

For most of last year, he would run around town in a super hero cape and mask, so you would see him at the grocery store, library and grandma's house with it on, so I wanted to have capes and masks for all of the kid's at the party. I was lucky enough to find the capes at the Dollar Tree, since it was almost Halloween, and decorated them with felt stars.  I found foam super hero masks at Michaels and bought some foam star stickers to decorate them with.

For the treats table, I made cupcakes and loaded them with sprinkles and they had fun cupcake toppers. I also made super hero lollipops, Power Belts with sour belts and found spiderman ring pops at the Dollar tree. The packaging wasn't very cute for the ring pops, so I made a cute bag topper for them. Instead of water bottle labels, I did Powerade bottle labels, to go with the theme.

For food we had Hero sandwiches and a assortment of veggies and fruit etc, that would give you super powers :) A ploy to get the kids to eat healthy :)

I had purchased a city night backdrop from Amazon, and hung it outside where we did a sort of photo booth.  I made some super hero props to go with it. Everyone had so much fun with it.

After lunch, all the super heroes marched to our neighborhood playground for some super hero activities. First we had a Super Hero obstacle course where they had to rescue Spiderman.  Next we had to rescue wolverine and Captain America who were frozen in ice. The kids sprayed the ice with water bottles to free them.

Last activity was a pinata. The evil dragon had swallowed batman, and the kid's had to break him free. Instead of a stick, we used hulk fists to punch the pinata. 

We had a mini spiderman cake made at Albertsons so Aidan could blow out his candles and make a wish. It was a fun party to plan, because a large part of me knew how much Aidan would loved it....and he did!

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