Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Custom Aisle Runners & Candles - Butterfly Design

I've been working with Lisa for awhile on her wedding and we've created everything from her very custom invites to her own custom vow cards for the ceremony. She has a pink and brown butterflied themed event coming up on May 22nd and I'll post later all the items that I've already helped her design. But I wanted to share some of the items that she had ordered from I Do Originals. Lisa ordered a custom aisle runner, unity candles and a candle in honor of her grandmother, and she had me send them the custom designs over to the company so everything would match her wedding. I was so excited to see everything when Lisa shared the blog link with me. I can't wait to see everything in person, since I'll also be the photographer for the do beautiful work and if you want that special custom touch, you should check them out. They do everything from custom aisle runners to custom parasols and more.