Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's So Fluffy...and Magical!

Earlier this month we celebrated Briohny's 3rd Birthday. Seanny and I had a blast planning and prepping for her party! Who could resist a Magical Unicorn themed party???

The Magical Unicorn birthday invitation really set the tone for our party planning. We were able to tie everything around the colors on the invite.

Adults and children alike all enjoyed being "sugared up" from our Sweets Bar. We had homemade red velvet cupcakes and unicorn pops, personalized sugar cookies, cupcake lollipops from Posh Pops, marshmello cupcakes, magical pixie stix, jelly beans, and unicorn horn pops. Added to this mix was also a giant custom-made unicorn pinata filled with 20lbs of candy and custom made unicorn horns as the party hat and a mailbox so that our guests could leave Briohny a message!

Needless to say, Briohny had one magical party!! We are definitely blessed to have such great friends helping us and an awesome turnout by family and friends, to make the party a memorable one.

My next challenge will come when it's Briohny's big brother's turn. He already has in mind, a Vintage Airplanes themed party. Should be fun!

By the way, did I mention the adults had a great time as well???

Magical Unicorn birthday invitation & paper accessories:
Invitation Parlour
Photography: Creative Vision Photography
Supplies to make Unicorn Pops and Birthday cookies: Do It With Icing in San Diego
Cupcake Pops: Posh Pops
Hair Accessory: PinkClouds Designs


  1. What a beautiful party!!! What little girl wouldn't love a magical unicorn themed party!!! - Gloria