Thursday, July 19, 2012

and the WINNER is...

Our 2012 Wedding Invitation Giveaway has been such a FUN and exciting event for our team at THE Invitation Parlour. There were seven beautiful love stories that were chosen among many entries, to be posted on our facebook fan page for the final voting process. The vote was casted when someone clicked "like" on the specific story.

The contestants were exuberantly promoting their stories and we hope they had a great experience connecting and engaging with friends, family and supporters.

We hope you all enjoyed reading them as much as we did.

Here are the 3 WINNING stories:

GRAND Prize Winner - Overcoming Obstacles:

2nd Place Winner - The Valentine's Day Set Up:

3rd Place Winner - Story of Patience:

To all of our Fans, THANK YOU so much for your participation and support!! We appreciate you so much!! We will be doing more prize giveaways, so stay tuned in!!